The Youth Voice


By: Ralph Mpangane

Learners will soon be writing their final examination, their performance affects everybody; including themselves. This message is about empowering all learners; especially Grade 12. I want us to join hands and give our learners support and a chance so as to bring about the results that will make everybody proud.

“FOCUS” is one powerful aspect that can assist us to have excellent results. I am inviting you now to sit down and relax as I take you through all the aspects that come with the word.

F stands for free, if you are to master the concept you need be a free person. Your life should be occupied by education only. Unfortunately most learners are so much into entertainment; they are not having enough time for their books. Television, cell phones, liquor and other distractions are robbing our learners the quality of life that excellent results can bring to them.

O is for ‘organised’, a focused learner is an organised learner. To be focused; you need to be organised; to be organised you need time-tables. As a learner you need a “personal time-table”, a daily plan that will guide you on the activities for the day. Know what you are supposed to do every time.

C for “commitment”, there is nothing that was ever achieved without commitment; it works in Business, politics, education and in all spheres of life. Without commitment you will never become anything. There are 4 ingredients of commitment: 1. Time, a committed person spends time on what he/she is committed to. 2. Money, if you are a learner who is determined to succeed; the little money that you get should be spent wisely, organise and buy valuable resources such as Study guides calculators and so on. Learners are not prepared to use their money for important things; they can buy expensive phones and clothes instead of purchasing calculators and study guides. 3. Energy has to be channeled towards tasks, studies, and examinations. 4. Sharing, anything you learn in life grows when it is shared, sharing is so much productive, and it leads to more understanding and productivity. Each of the 4 ingredients carries 25 percent of commitment, if you lack 3 for an example; it means your commitment is 25 percent. 

I therefore urge communities, churches, and other structures to give our unwavering support to our learners through monitoring and evaluating what is vital and crucial for them. A nation with focused learners, educators and parents can realise a true “radical economic transformation”.
God bless you