The Youth Voice

Let us open our hearts and help. 

Staff reporter

Bethuel Manyika (49) is pleading with readers of The Youth Voice to assist him. Manyika has been disabled since 2012, he relies on a mobile chair to move about and run his errands.

The current challenge for Manyika is that his mobile chair has broken down and he’s confined to the house.

“I’m asking for help from anyone out there. I have not left my house since 16 th February 2018. I depend on my mobile chair. I’ll be very happy if somebody can hear my cries, I want to live just like other people, but my life is stuck at the moment. I’m so heart-broken and I pray daily that this problem can be solved,” said Manyika.

He’s a highly motivated individual, but all the ambitions he holds in his heart are undermined. Manyika is not letting his disability to crush his dreams, which should serve as a motivation to all of us.

Anyone who wishes to assist Manyika can contact The Youth Voice on 0822200163.