The Youth Voice


Bushbuckridge Local Municipality has released a media statement, confirming that the historical debts owed to Rand Water are paid off.

The municipality also denounced allegations reportedly made by Rand Water, claiming that Bushbuckridge Municipality has “repeatedly failed” to honour agreements made in a series of meetings, which were held to settle outstanding amounts, due:

“The municipality would like to put it on record that after agreeing to a 50% discount offer by Rand Water in September 2017; the municipality has managed to settle the historical debt by February 2018. The historical debt amounted to R172 155 000 and 50% was paid in full. The amount paid is R86 077 987.50 by February 2018. The allegation by Rand Water that the municipality is not honouring its debts commitment is not only incorrect, but it has to a larger degree misled the people of Bushbuckridge. The municipality views the allegation by Rand Water as a smear campaign to drag the municipality’s image through the mud.”

The statement revealed that the municipality can only make lower monthly payments towards Rand Water, while awaiting the fulfilment of two pending issues:

“We, however take of the short-payment, the municipality is making on the current monthly billing. Rand Water is billing the municipality R23 094 995.99 on a monthly basis, however the municipality can only pay R17 334 000 pending the fulfilment of two issues by Rand Water. Firstly, Rand Water has to install water metres in all reservoirs for accurate billing. Secondly, it has to fix all leakages on the bulk water lines.”

“The municipality believes this will help in ensuring that the billing statements from Rand Water are accurate and free from discrepancies. The current disputed amount challenge has escalated to the Premier’s Office for intervention and mediation. The disputes and disagreements on the authenticity and accuracy of the billing statements remain the only challenge, however in the best interest of the community the municipality is currently paying over R17 334 000 per month to Rand Water. The municipality is committed to honouring and servicing its monthly billing to ensure that the people of Bushbuckridge get water on a continuous basis.”