The Youth Voice

Go through the pain of discipline now and enjoy later 

By: Ralph Mpangane

There are two types of pains in life; one is the pain of discipline and the other one is the pain of regret. All people are supposed to go through one of the above mentioned pains. If you choose to be disciplined, you automatically avoid regret, but if you run away from discipline; then you will never have a choice but to go straight to the pain of regret.

This message is relevant to our youth as they still have an opportunity to decide. The mistake they make is that they let their minds to be glued on entertainment and enjoyment before time, instead of investing their youth in discipline, reading and study.

The correct formula here is discipline first; then enjoyment later. The youth must remember that if “udla busha bakho manje”; you will go to the future and find nothing. Discipline and study are no easy road, they require patience, hard work and determination.

The word discipline has two aspects on it, namely: instructions and corrections. A person, who fails to follow instructions and also cannot be corrected, is not disciplined. If you want prosperity, success and enjoyment to follow you; learn to put instructions into use, accept corrections as well. You can have great talent, excellent skills, and resources at your disposal but without discipline your life will only be a waste. Discipline is an aspect that has made our great soccer stars to fail in their careers. Discipline is a requirement you need in all spheres of life and it is the one that works equally well in both formal and informal education.

 I always advice learners to be disciplined and to take it further and master the art of being self-disciplined. In self-discipline you do not wait for people to instruct and correct you but you do it yourself.

I once taught a learner at L.M. Mokoena secondary school, Agatta Ngomane is his name. He wrote a letter which was read in one of our stuff meetings, in that letter he was asking the teachers to assist him by doing whatever they can to make him get distinctions. When the year ends Agatta had obtained six distinctions; the subjects includes Mathematics, Physical science and Life science. He is admired by many. Agatta is a yard stick of quality and excellence, his secret of achievement was self-disciplined. Pay the price of discipline, you will enjoy later. Dr John Tibane once said, “Endurance preceeds enjoyment”.

God bless you.