The Youth Voice

All successful people are characterised by being fearless 

Life is too short; it is also full of various challenges. One of the greatest challenges that the whole world is facing is poverty. Political; religious and others in different sectors of life are seeking for a permanent solution in this regard, we stand today with no sign that shows progress in as far as eradicating poverty is concerned.

I personally believe that we have not yet done enough to release ourselves so as to confront our conditions head-on. All solutions of every problem we encounter are within us. The only problem we need to solve is FEAR..

If the youth of today can become fearless; remarkable changes can be realised. Fear binds, restricts, limits and defeats goals. Dr Myles Munroe spoke about the graveyard as the richest spot on the planet. He said, “buried in the cemetery are people who has never realised their goals, visions and dreams”. The reason why these people were never seen on the planet is because of FEAR.

The following are the common fears we find in the lives of our beautiful South Africans, Fear of witchcraft and Satanism, fear of rejection, fear of criticism, fear of failure and fear of success. Dr Elijah Maswanganyi once said, “there are about 200 different types of fears”. The above mentioned are the ones that are common and also the most dangerous and devastating.

It means if you want to be successful at school, in business and in life generally, do away with fear. The one and most effective way to fight and overcome fear is God’s way. In the Bible , Proverbs 29v25, the Bible says fear is a trap, but they that trust the Lord are safe. Fear is the one that says to you, “do not start a business, or do not go after good and beautiful things". why?  because they will bewitch you. If you try and fail at something, people will laugh at you.

Remember, fear is ALWAYS  telling lies. If you feel there is something that you feel you can’t live without and you want to do it; go on and do it, don’t give fear a chance to dictate terms and conditions.

All successful people are characterized by being confident, fearless and courageous. Malls are built all over; hopefully Marite will also benefit and have one. In those Malls zero percentage of black people will be owners of the shops, only Indians, whites and other foreign Nationals believe in themselves owning shops. We also have a fear of white people. When we see a white person, we see somebody superior who should always rule and show us direction. If we can have a youth that can be fearless and begin to think of having shops in the upcoming Malls, Youth that believes black and white people are made of the same material, if they do it, Indians do it THEN;BLACKS CAN ALSO DO IT.