The Youth Voice

BLM Mayor sponsors top 12 netball tournament

By: Patrick Mavimbela

What was once a diminishing sport in the village of Marite (Bushbuckridge) has now turned into one of the best sports in the area. Every village in the area has a practising team and tournaments are held monthly were 12 teams usually compete. These tournaments attract hundreds of fans, both male and female. The sport has made the youth of Marite come alive such that whenever they take place the venues are packed to the core. Entertainment such as live bands, car spinning and raga bollo become the order of the day once the netball sessions have ended.

Over the weekend, 12 teams competed at Marite Market and Ncozini ladies walked away victorious. Speaking to this publication Nyundu Agreenet said they appreciate the support that the ANCYL and the mayor gave them. “Playing against 12 teams is not easy but we made it. We are walking away with a full netball kit and we hope to keep up the momentum and win more tournaments”.


Sphiwe fakude, a player for Nkanini team told TYVN (The youth voice newspaper) that her team walked away with 1500 rands from the tournament. “We congratulate Encozini ladies for winning the tournament and for giving us such a tough game. We had a lovely time in the field and we are hoping for more support in our sporting activities from the government. What the ANCYL has done here today is a step in the right direction. Many young people will be motivated to join the various teams around our villages”.

Only seven teams managed to walk away with something in their pockets out of the 12 teams represented. Position one was taken by Encozini, position two was taken by Nkanini and position 3 was taken by Moduping ladies.