The Youth Voice

Topic: What makes young couples relationships fail lately?  


Being selfish can damage a relationship. Trust in a relationship it is the biggest weapon to make it stay healthy. We as youth have pride to one another, we wait for one partner to make a move which will take the relationship nowhere. For a relationship to last we need to understand one another, share our goals and support each other in everything.


The reason behind relationship failure is lack of communication, long or short distance relationship needs communication. Lack of trust can ruin a relationship fast because if your partner does not trust you, he or she will always annoy you and accuse you of something you did not do because of their insecurities. What can make your relationship safe is to make your partner not to lose trust on you, always communicate trust me it will work


I think it depends on people, sometimes it can be trust issues, not respecting each other which can make one to lose interest on another partner and that leads to cheating. Nowadays relationships do not last because of money, many young people chase after money and they think that when your partner gives you money it means they love you of which is not true. You have to know what you want and make each other happy equally, so it depends on a person and their partner.


Nowadays many relationships are failing because there is no trust, we are not faithful to one another. Partners do not communicate these days about their problems, so lack of communication can lead to  failure in a relationship. Trust each other, communicate, share what you have in mind, be faithful and everything will work out.


If there is no commitment in a relationship it will never go anywhere. We have to forgive each other and focus on our relationships but the problem with us young people is that we love our friends more than our partners. We must also learn not to put our friends first in our relationships. I think that's what makes our relationships fail compared to older peoples relationships. 


I think relationships are falling apart these days because of a lot of things, but one thing I’ve noticed is that the youth of today dwells much into social media where youth have done different opinion about relationships and those views affects how we solve problems when they arise in our own relationships. We fallow celebrities and know much about their personal lives including relationships, trying to live our lives in their standards, thus a relationship without money these days does not really work. If I can take you out then it means I love you. Nothing can prevent this unless two people know themselves and are ready for a relationship which will be in line with God. However issues of abuse need special attention or separation.