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We have seen school Learners killing each other, killing their teachers using knifes

The question is:
female educators are they safe from being raped?
What should the department of education do to stop all this?
What should parents do?
What should the Churches do?
Readers responded
By shiekane Khoza
The females educators are not guaranteed safety, so far as I can look at it.
The department must atleast team up with politice, and community forums to strengthen the security, if we can have tied security have schools that no one can jump a fence and also search learners before entering the premises

Parents must teach  their children morals how to behave in community, what is the Good attitudes and bad attitudes and what are the consequences of someone when have bad behavior in public how does that ruin your public identity.

Churches must play a role of praying every day on the school assembly, they must deliver these children because some need deliverance.

By misskeri
There is no excuse in what these kids are doing . Schools should be a safe place for all the kids and the teachers .

I suggest that all the security guards of all the schools should atleast search all the children entering the school premises and also get more people who will be responsible for the safety of the children.

This is honestly getting out of hand and we as a nation can stand together and fight this .we need to work together .

By masoka Dube
Everybody is not safe at schools nowadays. I don't the police are doing enough to deal with crime at the learning institutions. I believe police should intensify their strategy of addressing this issue. Another issue contributing to the matter is bullying. Many children feel obliged to join gangsters at school for protection against bullying. As a results we end up having many gangsters at schools. Those gangs end up starting terrorising teachers and other learners. Education authorities and police should create a situation where learners will feel safe at schools. By so doing there will be no criminal activities at school. Those committing crime at school should be also given serious punishment. Parents must also tell their children about the danger of committing crime. Churches should also run programmes sensitising the youth about the danger of being involve in criminal activities.

By pearl
Parents should start by playing the role of parents and meet the teachers half way. Female educators will never be safe as long as school premises are unsafe. Churches can start by giving us pastors that are truthful,honest and stand by what God really expect of them to be. The department must be serious in implementing and keeping the promises the keep making to our schools everyday and face challenges given to the hands on and stop making endless promises

By Nompumelelo
Corporal punishment must be brought back. Parents also must not spare a rod in the pumishment of their children. In this way things will go back to normal because these children are doing what they please knowing that the government will protect them. This new government has destoyed our children.

By Nolwazi
the department should hire securities in each n every school to search every child that is entering the school to make sure that he/she is not holding anything that will end up harming someone. 


search for every child that is entering the school to make sure that he/she is not holding anything that will end up harming someone