The Youth Voice

Topic: do you think president Ramaphosa has what it takes to take the country to greater heights? 


Charmaine Manzini from Thulamahanshe

I am happy for the new president and also believe he will bring change in terms of grant, bursaries and employment. Mr Ramaphosa has learned so much from the last president and I believe he will fight corruption and use the state money according to budget.

Palesa Mohlala from Matibidi

I believe that Cyril Ramaphosa will fight corruption in government and will not misuse state money as he is a billionaire already. He has promised a lot and fought for this position, even the late president Neslon Mandela mentioned that someone from Cosas will one day be a president. We are going to have jobs and the protest of fees must fall will end as here at Ehlanzeni tvet we are schooling for free already.

Tumelo Mabilane from Shatale

The new President will bring a change in growing the economy, fighting unemployment and also give the learners free fee education as many people find it hard pay varsity fees.

Mmakgotso Dibakwane from casteel

What we expect from our president is to create more job opportunities as the unemployment rate is high. And to look at the matter of condom distribution for free because having sex is a choice, instead they should provide sanitary towels for free because that one is natural.

Sheryl Leshaba

Congratulations to our newly elected president Mr Cyril Ramaphosa, We deserve better and authentic leadership , I believe he will bring about change in the lives and future of young people in South Africa, His proven track record of transparency and integrity will push South Africa to excel tremendously in the right direction, I have high hopes and faith that we as the people of South Africa will have prosperity under his leadership, I would also like to see him deal with the issue of corruption and root out all corruption that robs people of service delivery because it also robs the country of integrity and a good economy. He's the man SA has been waiting for, lead us Mr President we are your people.