The Youth Voice

Do you think the youth of 2018 understands the importance of doing good on Mandela day?

Remember Manyike

In my own view ,  i do not think the youth of 2018 understands Mandela  day because on the 18th of July they no longer celebrate Mandela day.They no longer celebrate the 27 years he spent in prison fighting for human rights. They do not do anything special to honour Mandela day such as painting buildings, volunteering,helping poor people,donating clothes etc. 

Zwane modiba Emmanuel

I think the youth of 2018 do not understand Mandela day. They use this day as a holiday which they drink alcohol and smoke dangerous substances. Instead of helping people, they spend money unwisely to impress others and forget about the importance of this day. They neglect the role of volunteering in the community while adult people do their duties. Some of the youth avoid going to class.

Thembisile khoza

The  youth of 2018 misunderstand Mandela day. They see this day as a normal day ,  forgetting the importance of this day.Nelson Mandela is our father who fought for our rights during the apartheid era. The youth of today do not bother to celebrate his legacy and help community in the 67 minutes that is given. They are celebrating this day with substance abuse.i think the youth should be taught about this day in order to honour it.

Mahlatse Makgoata

Mandela day is celebrated in honor of the achievements of the big man himself, who fought hard and risked his life for his people to be free from discrimination, inequality ,poverty and the likes. However the day is more about letting people know that one person can change a lot of things and make a difference in people' s lives. It only takes courage ,  believing in one self and taking action and changing the world to be a better place.

Tlangelani Mgiba

As long as many of our people  still live in utter poverty,  as long as children still live under plastic covers, as long as many of our people are still without jobs, no South African should rest and wallow in the joy of freedom .These are the words of former president  Mandela,  a man who believed in people's power to positively cause change in a society for the benefit of every citizen. We do understand the importance of celebrating his birthday and doing community work to honour him.

Thabang Sethwane

Nelson Mandela day is one of the days that happens only once a year. We are able to celebrate the life of the icon for 67 minutes and to change lives of others. What is important is the timeframe where people unite to bring change and take effective actions to better their communities . Mandela day has been inspiring  people across the country and the world. It is a day or month that everyone in the universe celebrates.