The Youth Voice

Meet Our Educated Guest.

Suzan Matlebjane (24) shared the story of her journey to success. Her Journey was not easy, she encountered many challenges but she never allowed them to stop her from chasing her dream.
Matlebjane completed her matric in 2012 at Motse Maria High School, in 2013 she commenced her degree for Bachelor of Art in Psychology at the University of Johannesburg and completed in 2015. In 2016 she upgraded the degree to honours in BA Psychology and in 2017 she did her post graduate certificate in Education and she is currently an educator at Maseala Progressive School.

"I come from a struggling family, but they have always tried their level best to make the best life for us. My parents instilled discipline and education as a way of life. I am where I am because of the way I was raised. I did not have any funds to pay for my degree, but my parents did all they could to make sure that I further my studies no matter what. They paid all the fees from 1st to final year, then I found a school bursary during my honours which paid for that year and I paid for my post graduate certificate in education because I was working at the Varsity,” said Matlebjane.

Matlebjane is a progressive young woman who does not limit herself to success, she is still looking forward to upgrading her studies and pursue Masters in Educational Psychology. She said that her passion has always been with Psychology and to combine that with Education, which is something she aims to make a reality.

“I advise the youth of today to always strive for the best when it comes to their studies, simply going through school for the sake of somebody else does not cut it. One needs to pay attention and to understand that their studies are their best friends. One thing I always tell my learners is to always stay woke and to make education their priority. A lot can happen in life, but if you have your qualifications and experience, you can achieve a lot,” she concluded