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Businessman ventures into the music industry.

PT Mhlanga is a Xitsonga  Afro Soul musician  who sings using all the 
South African official Languages. He is respectably known for his 
businesses and law firm called PT Mhlanga incorporated.

Mhlanga has recently launched his brand as a musician after being a sponsor to musicians like Clive S.  He has recently released an EP which consists of songs like Nkatanga, Ba Nthabetse, phone Number, Intombi, 
Vukati, Vavanuna and Miyela Ku Rila where he worked with artists like 
Pensele who is known as the Guru of disco Music. The song Nkatanga is 
receiving much love in the Limpopo Province, Bushbuckridge and 

“Music was always a calling. One day we were seating in the studio with 
friends and I decided to just sing and it came out well and after that I 
kept on composing songs every day"  Said Mhlanga.

The business man turned musician has further founded a media house aimed at assisting youth to accomplish their dreams in the field of film , music , dance and videography.


Although he is new in the music industry , his hit single track intombi has afforded him radio interviews in more than seven SABC radio stations in South Africa and a  television interview in Mozambique. 

Golden Stars Awards set to kick off in style

By: Staff Reporter

The Golden Stars Awards is an award ceremony that consists of categories in a range of sectors such as Film (TV), Artistry, Music, Media and Entertainment. This award platform intends to identify, celebrate and honours the greatest performers who are shining in the local and national stages.

"It is part of our intentions as the awards organization to celebrate the rich talents and also promote the pride of our shining stars for the whole world to see". Said Sipho Dzimba the founder of the awards.

The second annual Golden Stars Awards like the inaugural event will honour the top entertainers from Mpumalanga's Bushbuckridge communities. The Golden Stars Awards head of communications Comfort Ndlovu said their aim was to make sure that entertainers from Bushbuckridge who are aplying their trades all over the country and in the local spheres rub shoulders and celebrate in style. Ndlovu also emphasized that gone are the days of having the local celebrities not being honored at home.

“This year we are coming with another exciting style that will raffle feathers . We are bringing all the top individuals of the entertainment industry who hail from Bushbuckridge. Last year we had among other well-known personalities Thabo Mkhabela of the Leshole fame on SABC 1’s Skeem Saam soapie. We also had the likes of multi-award winning musician Themba Nyathi, Vincent Mgiba who is an actor on soapies such as iSidingo, Skeem Saam and many other soapies. Sifiso Mbowane of the famous provincial Kasi Style Clothing brand also graced the event and walked away with the Best Brand of the Year accolade” he said.

Ndlovu also stated that their intention has always been to rotate the awards around Bushbuckridge communities in order to make sure that it becomes the people’s awards. “Last year we were at Acornhoek in the far northern side of Bushbuckridge and this time around we are taking it back to one of the kasis that received more votes from the masses as we have been running the competition through our social media platforms. Hence one our hash tag for this year’s event is #tahatavuya – a Xitsonga word for its happening again,” he said.

The Golden Stars Awards are organized by Delias Media Group – a mass media and public relations firm that is owned by a former journalist and media specialist, Sipho Dzimba. Last year’s saw sixteen (16) individuals winning the awards. Dzimba, who’s the executive chairman of the awards, said this year they will honour about thirty (30) individuals.

“Last year’s nominations encouraged us to keep tabs with the brand. We are encouraged by the great work of our local stars and do believe that this will go a long way to promote their talents while they also get in touch with each other. This is the greatest platform for them to celebrate, enjoy and network amongst themselves,” Dzimba said.


The main event will take place on Saturday, December 22, 2018 within the Bushbuckridge region. The exact venue will be announced in due course. “If you know of anyone who is into Film (TV), Artistry, Music, Media and Entertainment and they are from Bushbuckridge, tell them about the Golden Stars Awards 

Calls Mount for Judicial Review

Monday, October 22, 2018

Communications Deputy Minister Pinky Kekana has called for a review of the judicial system to ensure that the system protects the most vulnerable in society.

“I believe it is possible to have a judicial system that enables a defendant to have the evidence tested, rather than face a defence counsel, which can be humiliating. A more controlled way is for the judge to conduct the examination with counsel conferring with the judge beforehand,” Kekana said.

Kekana said that if there is one thing the Omotoso trial has brought to the fray, is the manner in which women are trialled, despite being complainants.

The Deputy Minister said the court system structures and processes, and the people working within it, inadvertently re-victimise and re-traumatise survivors seeking help.

She said she will recommend at the Gender-Based Violence (GBV) Summit, which will take place next week, that the burden of proof be shifted so that it lies with perpetrators not survivors.

“I do not think there is any debate that women making rape complaints find it overwhelming, and women who are raped are not subject themselves to have their credibility and character assassinated in the witness box. But, so long as a woman cannot make a rape accusation without her integrity being called into question that she has exaggerated or lied in making her claim, the barrier remains,” Kekana said.

Kekana was speaking at the Mama Albertina Sisulu Women Dialogue held at Tshwane University of Technology in Nelspruit, Mpumalanga.

The dialogue reflected on the life and times of struggle heroine, Mama Albertina Sisulu.

More needs to be done to make women feel safe

Kekana said that while discussions are great [and] help in formulating and testing ideas, she stressed that “discussions alone do not solve societal problems”.

“We need to be practical and assess the effects of our actions. Despite, the heroic actions of Mama Sisulu and her ilk, a lot of work needs to be carried forward. We need to carry the baton she has left and ensure that we move forwards not backwards.

“Moving forward requires us to fight patriarchy and misogyny. We need to start calling things as they are. The blatant truth is that women are not safe everywhere in the church, on campus, in the workplace, and at home,” Kekana said.

Protect survivors from secondary victimisation

Meanwhile, Kekana urged universities and colleges to take accusations of sexual exploiting and violence against women seriously, and ensure that the allegations are dealt with promptly and survivors are protected from secondary victimisation. 

More than 17 million South Africans are suffering from depression
By: Tumelo Lebambo 

According to a report made by the Sunday times newspaper morethan 17 million South Africans are dealing with depression  , substance abuse , anxiety  , bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. 

With the escalating number of people suffering from depression , Eulender Nanni -  Mrs Mpumalanga Ambassador 2018 hosted a Charity Gala dinner under the title ‘Eat, Drink and Be Giving’. The purpose of this dinner was to shed light on what she and her organisation, XiluvaXaMama (Mommy’s Flower), stand for and to raise funds in support of the cause. Mrs Nanni emphasized the importance of addressing the challenges of Mental Health conditions in the province including Autism Spectrum Disorders, Eating Disorders and Depression. 

The event kicked off to a powerful start with poetry shared by the youth who have experienced some of these conditions, before moving onto the keynote speakers who expressed either professional or personal accounts of their experiences with Mental Health issues. 

The event was attended by people from all walks of life including Mrs Mash Mokgatle (Mrs Mpumalanga 2018) who spoke on her take on the matter at hand, and took it a step further by introducing the audience to her mother to really shed light and wisdom on how much depression can affect one’s life. Also in attendance was Miss Nokubonga Mguni from the Mental Health Association in Mpumalanga, Mrs HRH Boitumelo Mogane of the Mogane traditional council, Nomonde Mkhatshwa as a Lifeline representative and Sis’ Dorcus who is a parent of an Autistic child and one of XiluvaXaMama’s beneficiaries.

 The Gala Dinner was blessed with local artists who donated their time and talent to the cause, Including Milly LaNdaba, Jano, Nelly and Khanyilo as songstresses. Noah Phiri and Menzi Mkhoza the founders of the biggest poetry movement in Nelspruit ‘Words in My Mouth’ Poetry Slam also shared their work and donated the sales of a portrait to the organisation. Towards the end of the function, an auction was held to which the funds would be received by the organisation and its beneficiaries. Local Designer, Mafreestos donated a custom couture gown to the value of R1000 to the auction to name one of the items. The night was an overall success not only in spreading awareness, but also in raising much needed funds from its ticket sales, donations and the night’s auction.

Citizens lose faith in Mpumalanga SAPS as response rate worsens

by Jane Sithole, MPL - DA Mpumalanga Premier Candidate
The South African Police Service’s (SAPS) slow reaction to crime in Mpumalanga has caused even more residents to lose hope in the police force’s ability to protect the province.

According to the 2017/18 Victims of Crime Survey compiled by Stats SA, at 43.3% nearly half of Mpumalanga residents say that it takes the police more than two hours to respond to cases. 12.4% say that police in the province never arrive when they are called.

In the 2016/17 financial year, 5.3% reported that the police never arrived while 41.4% stated that it took the police more than 2 hours to arrive at crime scenes.

Not only are the people of Mpumalanga battling to make ends meet under the ANC’s rampant corruption and refusal to stimulate the economy in order to create jobs, 64.7% don’t feel safe in Mpumalanga and believe that crime in the province either increased or remained the same.

The Democratic Alliance (DA) has for a long time called on the SAPS to establish specialised units to deal with rural crimes but the ANC’s refusal to protect rural communities has resulted in a sharp increase in stock theft in the province.

The survey conducted revealed that the number of reported cases of stock theft increased from 2192 incidents in 2014/15 to 3135 incidents in 2017/18.

The people of Mpumalanga deserve to live in neighbourhoods that are safe, and to trust in a responsive, well-trained and honest police service but as long as the ANC remains in power, these ideals will not be realised.

The DA is committed to building One South Africa for All, where the government prioritise the safety of all by ensuring the SAPS is honest and professional.

Community refuses to allow pupils to go to school in Marite

by: Khanyisile Lebambo


More than ten schools in Marite have been shut down since Monday 23/04/2017 in Marite (Bushbuckridge). This is a result of an ongoing protest for the construction of the Marite- Madras road D3972 to D 3973. The protest which began in 2016 seemed to have come to an end after the municipality confirmed that it had set aside over 53 million for the project in 2016 but it is currently gaining momentum as residents feel that the timeline communicated to them has been exceeded and construction has not commenced.

Community leader, Surprise Mashele told the media that the community is tired of waiting "they promised us a tarred road but they have not yet delivered on their promise. it has been long that we have been protesting about this issue, it is high time the municipality appoints a contractor".

The Mpumalanga department of education has slammed the protest and urges community members to allow pupils to go back to school. While the Bushbuckridge local municipality says the road project in question will be implemented by 3 tiers of the government which are Mbombela Municipality, Bushbuckridge local municipality and the department of public works, roads and transport.

According to BLM spokesperson Aubrey Mnisi, Mbombela municipality has already started implementing part of the project as a contractor has been appointed and and site establishment was done three weeks ago.

"The government still maintains that the project will continue as planned and budgeted for. The department of public works, roads and transport will start a process of procurement for the appointment of a service provider for the other part of the project. This process is expected to start in the beginning of June 2018" said Mnisi.  

Pupils affected by the protest said all they want is to go back to school and learn "We don't want to fail, we have a syllabus to complete. The community must stop involving us and disrupting our classes when they want to protest. The whole week has been ruined for us, how are we going to recover all that we have missed when they keep sending us back home?".


Emaphoyisa acele umpakatsi kutsi uncedze kubanjwe basolwa read more 

Bushbuckridge Local Municipality has released a media statement, confirming that the historical debts owed to Rand Water are paid off read more

Life is too short; it is also full of various challenges. One of the greatest challenges that the whole world is facing is poverty. Political; religious and others in different sectors of life are seeking for a permanent solution in this regard, we stand today with no sign that shows progress in as far as eradicating poverty is concerned read more

Kruger National Park- Hovhisi ya Kruger national park yi vikile eka va nwamaphepha-hungu leswaku Khumembirhi wa vadlayi va timhelembe va Khomiwile e mavaleni ya Kruger National park e vhikini ra ti19 ku fikela hi ti 23 19 ta nhweti ya dzivamsoko 

A gona selo sa lula go tshwana le go balabala o sa make selo. Matjatji wo batho bo ba berekang, kamatla-matla mmushong ba nale mahlatse agore ba gola skwetjenyana sa go bonala. Ba tlele ba go hwetja boR10 000. Mara bothata bjo bo tlelego ke gore bonkeku le bonnuna bo skwetje sa bona se fo felela mokgeteng, dikoloing, dikobong le dilo tsa go sa isane felo. Ba ya shota ba gore ba bona go yaga ele ga bohlokwa read more

Agona ka howa monyakisisi a ka ngwalago ka batho ba go tsaroga phoka howa Bushbuckridge ntle le go ngwala pitjana ka Tshwarelo Mogakane. Lesogana lo le nale mabitso a go tlala, se di foya ka gore onyoko tjiba ying ka yene. Bo ba godiyego le go kena naye sekolo batlo go botsa gore ke nnuna yela wagore sekgowa o se khonya matubeng sa tôna-tôna se ye gololela mma’so gore se teyiye ke kafuru read more

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