The Youth Voice

Malaria Cases Increase in Ehlanzeni 

 By: staff reporter

 The Department through its surveillance and malaria connect system has observed an increase of malaria cases during the last two weeks of August 2017 in Ehlanzeni district. Most of the cases have been reported from Nkomazi followed by Bushbuckridge and Mbombela sub-districts respectively. The cases are exceeding the cases seen previous year in the same period. The previous year was noted with severe drought which is probably the main contributor to the drop in numbers of cases. Increase of rainfall in April 2017 had made to increase malaria cases hence the malaria outbreak occurred .The Department has scaled up interventions to make sure that the cases are early detected and treated as soon as they present in the facilities. The Department has already started its annual Indoor Residual Spraying programme for targeted structures in the affected areas.

 Any person who is presenting with the following signs and symptoms should immediately visit the local health facility to be tested and treated:

 ·         Flu-like illness / Cough

·         Fever

·         Headache

·         Cold shivers / hot sweats)

·         General body pains

·         Weakness (general body weakness)

·         Dizziness

·         Loss of appetite / Poor feeding

·         Diarrheoa, Nausea and Vomiting

 A person who lives in or have recently visited endemic areas (areas known have malaria) should consult a physician or local healthcare practitioner immediately if these symptoms appear, especially during this time of the year.

 You can prevent the bite of malaria by:

 ·         Wearing clothing with long sleeve and cover your ankles especially at dawn and dusk, when mosquitoes are most active

·         Avoid wearing dark colours because they attract mosquitoes

·         Use  screens over  doors and windows

·         Apply insect repellents  to exposed skin

·         Use anti-mosquito sprays or insecticide dispensers or burn mosquito coils at night

·         Avoid unnecessary walking during the night: try and spend evenings indoors rather than outdoors as you are much less likely to get bitten by mosquitoe