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The Youth Voice Media is a 100% black owned Small Commercial newspaper. The project targets the youth and schools based in Mpumalanga Ehlanzeni. The youth voice is a multilingual small commercial publication with 50% English, 15 % Xitsonga, 20% SiSwati and 15 % Sepedi. The paper positions itself as a bi-monthly publication targeting the multi-racial youths of Ehlanzeni District in Mpumalanga province.  It has a print run of 10 000 copies per edition and it is sold at 1rand per copy in supermarkets, garages, spazas, taxi ranks etc

The newspaper’s mission is to provide a quality newspaper that meets their customers’ needs and requirements and unlocks the potential of the youth, women and the unemployed of this community.

The Youth Voice hopes to make the youth and the unemployed aware of learnership opportunities, job opportunities and other related issues.

Also, the aim of the project is to encourage the youth to take positive steps in life, encourage them to make informed career decisions as well as to assist in unifying the youth in the district.  The  project insist  to fulfil its mandate of providing news which is fair, critical, balanced, objective, newsworthy, accurate and of an informative nature.  

Malavutela Serenades Audience at Prayer Rally

Malavutela High School is situated in between Madras and Jim-Brown (Sandford) This school performed at Angincort prayer rally organized by Bushbuckridge Local Municipality. The choral choir being led by the school admin clerk Mr E.N. Dlamini comprised of learners from all grades (8-12) The main aim of the choir was to conquer the hearts of the lovely audience who managed to attend the ceremony thorough Gospel songs. The community and other stake holders really enjoyed the sweet voices of young souls who managed to perform at their level best. Music is meant to heal broken hearts and souls and to embrace life of all human being who gives an attention to it...says Mr Dlamini the choir Master.




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